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Using ChatGPT for aligning

I read this interesting post and conducted a test myself with NL and EN.

I don't think that this should be run via CafeTran Espresso's ChatGPT feature, but it can be useful to know this technique nevertheless ...


[Frequency penalty=0] 

Then give it instructions like

Align the following Dutch and English text sand put  the alignment into a two-column table. You can merge two sentences into a single cell if necessary, but do not change the source or target segments in any way whatsoever.
If you find a segment in the source without a corresponding target segment, or vice versa, insert that segment into a cell in the correct column, but leave the other corresponding cell empty. Do not merge any such segments, nor try to translate them.


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Here you go:


Thanks. interesting. So far when I wanted a quick alignment of texts I usually relied on LF Aligner, with fairly good results.

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