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Questions regarding Trados packages

I don't have much experience with Trados project packages yet, although I have translated a few for one of my clients. 

I use the dark mode in cafetran, and with some of these packages, the font color in the grid is black on a dark background, which makes the text almost impossible to read. With some Trados project packages, only some of the grid text is black, the rest being grey, as it is the case with my usual, native projects. In some Trados packages all of the grid text is grey as usual. What causes this, and is there a way to make the text always appear grey in dark mode?

One more question: If I set the segment status in cafetran to "checked", will this have any effect on the segment status is Trados (when I export tge CTE-translated package as a Trados project package again and open it in Trados)?

CafeTran's checked segment status is mapped to the translated status in sdlxliff files.

Try to set the option to overwrite document colors in the grid via the menu View > Themes > Replace document colors.  

Thanks, I'll try that out. I switched to light mode for my current project, and I find it's really nice to work with, too :P 

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