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LO View plays havoc

This is what is happening here even after a fresh CTE installation:

- Project set, everything working well (tabbed or untabbed LO source view, etc.)

- Closing CTE for a pause

- Reopening CTE to resume work

- LO source view doesn't open, neither tabbed or untabbed. What's more, no resources get automatically opened (TMs, Glossary, Deepl)

- Closing CTE to see if it's only a temporary glitch

- Reopening CTE: no resources selected in the dashboard (they are there, but they are unchecked)

The only way to be able to resume work normally is deleting the project and set a new one. This has already happened three times, and it's an undesired loss of time.

It seems that the only way to continue working safely is to disable the LO source view completely. 

I can't reproduce it on my system but, judging from your description, the issue may have occurred while closing the LibreOffice (removing it from CT interface) via LO API. Try to use the option with LibreOffice in its own window (not tabbed). Then, CafeTran does not close (remove) it during exit.

In untabbed mode I've always closed LO in its own window.

After this issue I did two small projects without using project templates, and it's not happening any more. I wonder if project templates can get corrupted somehow because of the tabbed LO.


Yes, the LO tabbed view is not reliable (here at least). 

For instance, with the small Word file I'm currently translating, when I close CTE it doesn't actually close (only one floating window containing the general glossary gets closed). To close the program entirely I need to click again on the top "X" button, but when I reopen it all previously tabbed panes have lost their tabbed status and every time I have to do the tabbing again.

Then, at times the tabbed LO window gets suddenly blank, and at other times the keyboard stops working, apparently because LO is busy doing other things on its own.

The only way to continue working without issues is using the LO view externally.

But there is another, albeit different issue: here at least, LO doesn't preview the text contained in Word boxes, which is a strong limitation for me since I often translate OCRed documents, which usually contain lots of boxes. Would you please see if you can duplicate this issue?

 > LO doesn't preview the text contained in Word boxes,

I don't think it is possible to search inside separate text boxes even in LibreOffice itself. For example, check this interesting thread

Yes, LO Writer can't do it. Word can.

It's a pity, because I often have to translate OCRed docx files that contain lots of textual boxes, including tables in documents such as financial reports. So, I have to extract all those tables from the containing boxes first in order to have CTE highlight those texts with the preview feature.

Maybe it's time to look for an OCR app that doesn't use too many boxes. Can you suggest one if you know it?


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