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Where is the option to open LibreOffice in a CafeTran's tab?

Thank you for implementing this feature. But, I'm unable to find this option. Where is it, please?

Will this feature be implemented on Linux too one day?

Found it! (Ticking the box when linking LO to CTE)

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LO now opens in its own tab, but segments are not highlighted (here, at least).

Indeed, there is a checkbox in the Windows version:


But not in the Mac version (and, as reported by Mario, neither in the Linux version).

For the record: I have LO positioned on my secondary screen, so I don't need the option on my Mac. Others may need it ...

Wild guess: Can this be the color of the selection in LO? See its prefs.

It's not (text selection is light blue in my setting, and I can see it. And I haven't touched LO after this last CTE update.

Can you get to LO’s prefs in the pane? If so, try setting another team. Or wait until Igor has had his first coffee.

The option to open LibreOffice in a CT tab works only on Windows system. LibreOffice API allows to connect only via a separate LO window on MacOS. The Linux version of LibreOffice API has some issues finding CafeTran's Java libraries needed for the embedding so, at least for now, Linux users can connect CT with LibreOffice the same as MacOS users. Placing LO on a virtual desktop and swiping there when needed is as nice and efficient as navigating between CT tabs.

Testing the project with the Word document on Windows, I can see the selection both in the LO inside the tab and in separate window options.     

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