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A smarter auto-assembling with the forward slash

Now we have two options: either the "/" is handled as a word divider, or not. (You can add the forward slash in the Additional word dividers field.)


This sound like a good solution, but actually, it isn't!

A translation project can have different usages of the forward slash:

1. Schieben Sie den Ein-/Ausschaltschiebeschalter => this should be treated as one term.

2. Öffnen Sie die Packung mit einer Schere/mit einem Messer => mit einer Schere and mit einem Messer should be treated as two terminological phrases.

Currently, you cannot have both!

How to solve this?

Perhaps like this:

1. First try to auto-assemble all terms that contain a forward slash.

2. Then auto-assemble the parts left and right of the forward slash.

Igor, would that be possible?

Multiple auto-assembling passes for a segment are not possible. AI should be able to handle such conflicting exceptions. Its underlying mechanism works like our brain detecting the nuances like this one with ease. 


For now I solve this via my Insert from replacement glossary macro.

It contains the entry in-/Uit-schuifschakelaar = Aan/Uit-schuifschakelaar and corrects the target segment after I press Ctrl+Alt+z. Simple, but it gets the task done.

Selbst ist der Mann.


Die Axt im Hause erspart den Zimmermann.

I'm quite sure that similar wise expressions exist in Polish too.

@ALYB: ...yes, but Careful with that axe, Eugene ...

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