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CT-L1 - ChatGPT

Hi Igor,

I am trying to test your new CT-L1, but am getting:

"ChatGPT service is not available - Server returned HTTP response code: 429 for URL:"

I have entered a working API key.


You need to be careful with word lists sent to ChatGPT as there is a limit of total tokens (sent and received) called the model's maximum context length in one prompt. For the current model it is 4096 tokens (about 3000 words).

For example, you can let AI perform the action on your list as follows:

1. Prepare the list of words and copy it (to the system clipboard).

2. In CT-L1 Linguist options, choose the Clipboard as the message context.

3. Type your prompt (action to perform on your list) in the last line of the CT-L1 Linguist editor and press Enter.

By the way, the preview update 5 clears the clipboard (for the new context) after the performed action. It also enables navigation through the sent messages via the up and down arrow keys.


It would be handy if the switch to clipboard sensitive via the options wasn't necessary. Is it possible to supply a {clipboard} or {clip} field that together with a prompt can be assigned to a button?

In the final release, you will be able to switch the context option (e.g to Clipboard) quickly via the right-click. 

That will be great: the less distraction from the translation process, the better!

BTW: The CEO has taken back his threat to skip the EU. He now promises to respect any EU privacy rules.

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