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Numbers again


I'm working on a longish balance sheet (sdlppx docx), IT to DE. Figures in Italian show 68.121, in German 68121, no decimals so far. 

How do I get CT to convert them correctly?

I'm sure that Igor will tune in here, since this is a topic to be discussed ...

Nevertheless, I'll add my grain of salt here:

  • In previous messages Igor stated (iirc) that the conversion of numbers is handled via correct setting of the SL and TL. And you have to select this checkbox:
  • image

  • Your question makes me assume that though you most certainly will have set SL and TL correctly, no correct conversion is taking place.

Yes, SL and TL are set correctly and I have never been able to find the correct settings to get numbers converted correctly, hence my question of the other day for a regex which could do the job (it did in WF, it did not in Studio as Studio only considers the point (.) as a thousands separator and not the non-breaking space).

My suggestion would be:

  • Transfer all numbers as-is during the translation stage.
  • Do QA.
  • Format all numbers using one or more regular expressions. Store these in an easy way (e.g. in TextExpander etc.).
  • Do the proofreading.

Thanks. In the meantime I fiddled a bit with settings in Preferences, under Auto-assembling I ticked the boxes Transfer numbers to matches and Format numbers, now CT does the job.

Ah, I assumed that you had both boxes selected :).

Tip: Create a master project template per language combination and direction. 

Thanks for the tip, will do.

Anyway, this conversion is quite easy, no currency symbols before the figure that need to be shifted after the figure with an unbreakable space etc.

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