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Automatic selection of LO files in source view

Is it not really possible to have CTE open automatically the right LO file in multi-documents projects upon choosing a translation file in the Documents box?

Now that we are on it, I would go a step further.

Since it seems that the request to move the LO source view to the tabbed panes instead of opening the source file in additional LO external window isn't likely to be implemented, and in order to avoid one additional mouse click when such source view is not wanted, I would like to ask that — without touching the Preferences settings — a way of opening it on demand only is offered, for instant a check box or whatever is considered better.

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Always buy a computer with as much RAM as you can allow.

The constant opening and closing of files would make me crazy / crazier than I already am.

But ... chacun as son goût, n'est-ce-pas?

Apart from RAM considerations, I think it would much cleaner if CTE opened only one file at the time, since it's so fast. Imagine if ten files opened simultaneously in LO when you just want to deal with only one file of the project.

What would indeed be useful, Mario.

One solution would be to let CafeTran Espresso open all source files in separate windows when opening the translation project. While the user navigates between subdocuments in the translation grid, CafeTran Espresso should bring LO window with the corresponding document to the foreground.

This approach would mean that no (complicated) document merging is required.

I mean, in multi-file projects, CTE keeps opening in LO (for source view) the first file used even after switching to the second, third, fourth file and so on. Having to do this manually from the Resources menu just adds another step to the process.

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