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Add formatting to Trados files

This is interesting and to be investigated whether this is possible in CTE too: “I am processing a SDLXLIFF file in xxx. In a segment, I want to format some words in italics. This is not possible directly. Is there a trick to achieve it? (By inserting some code?) Answering my own questions: I just copied the tags for italics from another segment and it worked as expected. I could export the SDLXILFF file and Trados did not throw any error when I run "Verify" on it. I still wonder what I could have done if there hadn’t been any segment with italics at all in the text.”

Adding formatting in Word is already supported of course.
I imagine that the number of codes for bold and italic in the most frequently imported file formats processed with Trados is limited. Eg indesign, framemaker, word. Creating a list of them and make them available in CTE via context menu.
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