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Project > Recent project doesn't reopen the selected project


Project > Recent project doesn't reopen the selected recent project. Instead, the Dashboard is displayed. The correct resources are not selected.

Yes, the recent project first opens the Dashboard with that project selected. If the project is tied to a project template, the resources from the project template are set in the Dashboard. If there is no template for this project, the last used resources are selected.

Good morning Igor,

I think that this feature is especially handy when one needs to make a quick change to a previous project, while working on a more recent one. One can assume that the recent project has already been configured correctly, so there would not be any need to navigate via the Dashboard. If changes to the project configuration are needed, one can close the project or even CafeTran Espresso and go via the Dashboard.

This behavior would be in line with all other apps that have a Recent projects / documents / files item in the  Project menu ...

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