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CafeTran Espresso 11.3 - Chocolate Cream Pie

Hello Igor,

Thank your for the new build!

On my test Mac I run CafeTran Espresso via the Proz Plus package. I noticed that I cannot simply drop the update package onto the Dashboard: I had to start CafeTran Espresso first and then use the About menu.

I switched to the new View #7 and then back to View #1: the screen was still only the left half.



Quite an improvement with the project templates!

I can even use my Create a new project template for new client macro again to full extent. And with the new PT loaded, the resources will be arranged automatically in the new template (based on my default PT). 

Sheer magic.

Thank you Igor!

I guess that this is only valid when you haven't used CafeTran Espresso before that they, but still ...

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