CafeTran Espresso 11.3 - Chocolate Cream Pie

CafeTran Espresso 11.3 - Chocolate Cream Pie version is available for download.


Important! Do not update before exporting your current projects. Please complete all your translation projects in your current CafeTran version before updating.


The update can be performed via Drag and Drop as follows:

1. Make sure your current CafeTran version is at least 10.7. It also should run on Java 11 or a higher version. Please check CafeTran and Java version in CafeTran's Help > About panel.

2. Download file from here and place it on your desktop. Do not unzip or rename the file after downloading.

Note: On macOS system, Safari web browser may unzip the file automatically after downloading it. Before you download the update file, uncheck the following Safari option:

Safari > Preferences > General > Open "safe" files after downloading or use another web browser for the download.

3. Drag and Drop the downloaded file anywhere in CafeTran's initial screen - the Dashboard.

Alternatively, you can install file via the "Install Update" button in the Help > About panel instead of dragging and dropping.

What's new:

  • The new window layout - Layout 7 Half Screen in the View > Window layout menu.

This new translation window layout may be useful when working on laptops with small screens. It can also be applied during the re(pre)view of the translation segments in the office suite (e.g. LibreOffice) set in the second half of the screen. Another possible application might involve external resources (e.g in the system web browser) in one view on the screen. CafeTran's clipboard workflow is a good example where the half screen layout can prove to be convenient.

  • Added an option to remove a recent project from the list of recent projects via the Dashboard menu.
  • Highlighting all occurrences of the current segment in LibreOffice source/target segment preview - Presentation and Spreadsheet formats.
  • Independent sizing of the Dashboard and the translation panel.
  • Project templates can keep their own sets of resources - not only select and deselect them. This should eliminate long lists of resources set in the Dashboard to access them via different project templates.
  • Selection of recent project templates via the double-click in the Dashboard's project template title.
  • Removed the target language code check for sdl(xliff) files. Some external tools create xliff files without the target language set.
  • Added support for the PO file format.

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