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Questions of a Newbie


Now half way through this project I had another urgent one that required a delivery in Studio. 2 abstracts. I segmented the files in Studio as usual, 
and then tried to create a new project in CT, that's where things got more complicated. In the meantime, I had imported a licence to be able to use my full TM.
- closed the previous project in CT
- asked to open a new one in CT. the main window looked as if it had reopenend the previous one, the window looked like an editor window, and I never found a way to create another TM for this new project.

So you saw the segments of the Trados files? That’s good.

On how to create a new TM: have you made the Memory menu visible via the View menu? If so, there is a command Memory > New memory. (Or you can do it in the Dashboard, see below.)

- I finally imported the studio file from its original location, in the studio project. Translated a few segments, declared the project completed and exported it. I realized it was replacing the same file in Studio (not creating an exported xliff file in a new folder as DVX does), But stuck somewhere in CT, I completed the files in Studio as they were urgent and sensitive.

So you have Trados installed on your Mac? I would always advise to copy the sdlxliff files to a new location on the Mac side. Translate them there and afterwards, copy them back to the Windows side. (I find the free Commander One,, very helpful here.)

Therefore, How do you 1) close correctly a project, even if not yet completed, 2) create new TMs and completely new projects in CT without overlapping the previous one. I missed something there, and believe me I tried many buttons and menu options. Perhaps too many... :)

The easiest way is to quit CafeTran Espresso. Then restart it. In the Dashboard you can create a new glossary and a new memory (other than the Project Terms and the Project TM). You can also add existing ones. And if they are already listed, you can select them. After that, you click on the New button to create a new project.

>Is there any way to automatically import the formatting of the source text (words in bold, italics, etc,)

Not sure what you mean …

If the source segment contains bolditalics, you can add this formatting to the target segments, by typing 1, Esc; 2, Esc, etc. Heck, even if they don’t contain formatting, you can add this via the context menu or keyboard shortcuts Cmd+B, Cmd+I.

BTW: Did you already discover that you can drag over words/segments in the glossaries and memories to insert them into the Target Segment Editor (where you are typing the translation)?
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(I wasn't sure whether the formatting in Airmail would be copied to the Freshdesk, hence the double text. You only have to read it once. Or you can read it twice, for better memorization :))) ).

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