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Reverse syncing of LO Preview Target

Dear Igor,

Would it be possible to add Reverse syncing of LO Preview Target?

I mean: during proofreading of the target document in LO Writer, click in a segment in Writer and CafeTran Espresso navigates to that segment too.

Handy for making a quick correction.



I’ll experiment with a bilingual export table as man in the middle.

This would certainly make a lot of sense. No matter how many times I review the final translation in a CAT tool, when I open the translated file in the original application I end up doing many corrections there too to make the text flowing better. (Within CAT tools you don't have exactly the same visual feeling as in the original application.) 

Next step: automate opening exported target language document and adjust the zoom factor:


This works:


In order to avoid the need of installing n Hyphenation packages, I think that it is a good idea to automatically deactivate hyphenation in LO Writer.

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