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Switching to other Project Templates: no resources

Hey Igor, you asked my (after watching a video that I created): Exactly where did CafeTran Espresso lose the attached resources?

I just had that!

I created an en-GB to nl-NL project to demo the Project > Preview feature.

After that I thought it was time to make some money. So I loaded an de-DE to nl-NL Project Template and guess what:

The resources (nt glossary, qa glossary, memory) are listed in the Dashboard but not selected.

Perhaps the change of the source language is the culprit here?

Duh, it looks that the actual project was that thought I selected the correct PT, the SL hadden't changed from EN to DE!!!


Different, but still weird experience here: In the middle of a large JP-IT project I had to switch to a different JP-IT one for an urgent job, then when I returned to the large project only the TDB was set correctly, while the set TM was that of the small project. Only, I realized that too late and for hours I kept feeding the wrong TM.

Oh yeah, one might tell me that I should check everything better before starting to translate.

I for sure won’t tell you that. The implementation should be flawless. Which it surely isn’t. For me it is a stain on CafeTran’s flag. I really hope that the next build finally will deal with the issues.

I can stand all other current issues, but this one really unnerves me because of the time lost and especially because when I reopen a project after having worked on a different one I'm never sure to find all and the same resources intact.

I don't like to be forced to manually record all per-job settings somewhere.

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I totally agree.

The PTs were working as intended when they were introduced. Then, on a user's request, the mechanism was introduced that changes in the attached project, would be reflected in the PTs. Then troubles started. I don't understand this design decision: a PT is a set of rules on how to translate projects of a certain type. Why would these rules change without giving human instructions to do so?

I also came to the conclusion that the current Dashboard with its many clickable resources are nice. When you have 2 clients.

Currently I'm thinking that a plain and simple wizard would be a better solution to create PTs if you have a lot of clients. A few steps, like:

  • Name the client / project
  • Select the glossary / glossaries
  • Select the memory / memories
If you use MT, you'll likely want to use all of them.
If you don't use TR (I don't), you don't want to be bothered.
Free resources? I don't use them / need them.

I hope this doesn't sound to negative, but I'm a little frustrated with PT's implementation too ;).

Let's hope at least in an answer.

IMHO it would be good if any change made by a user to a project template (both during project creation/configuration and while translating), would have to be confirmed by the user. Such as with a "Save changes to project template (yes/no)" dialogue, where the user is prompted to click on a button. If the user choses "No", the PT would be left unchanged. This would let a user modify a current project with the changes being remembered for said project only, without altering the PT.

I was recently wondering where all the strange tags were coming from, in my OCR'ed native cafetran projects, only to find out some days later that I must have changed the "MS Word OCR" file format option to "MS Word", non-OCR, in the project configuration window in one of my previous projects. As such a setting affects the PT, asking the user to confirm changes to the PT would have helped here, too.

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Exactly that, Stefan!

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