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Proposal for a more ergonomic and informative Dashboard

Here is my proposal. Your comments please.


(268 KB)

The Dashboard supports tabs. I would suggest to implement a tab called "Projects" or "Project list" where all recent projects can be listed in more detail (and can be removed from the list as needed), with options to view/tweak resources and reopen a project from there or create a new one as per the usual way..

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And, a project creation wizard for new projects.

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I do like the idea, could maybe designed a bit differently, but the basic concept is ok.

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Theoretically, one could open 2 projects at the same time. Perhaps only the XLIFF files? Can be handy.

In the pane for new project creation you can select languages, templates and clone projects. If you like the white pane but miss some columns that are mucho importante for you: please name them. Your input can be dev’s output.

Other likely candidates for the white table:





When the different panes, e.g. Glossaries and Memories, get their own colours and these are maintained throughout the rest oft the software, this can help new users. Either distinctive colours or shades of the same colour, which looks nicer but is less 'mnemonic'.

Seconded, thirded and fourded, anything that makes the Dashboard more palatable, transparent, customizable etc. 

Thanks for your support :) 

I'm aware that this layout requires a wide screen. But isn't that the trend for desktop machines anyway?

On my shopping list for 2023/2024/2025: Mac Studio plus a nice ultra wide screen from LG:


Aren't you afraid to get a sore neck by turning your head to and fro?

Looks nice but couldn't install it on my desk next to my 27" iMac, you'd need a Mac mini or a PC tower under your desktop for such a display. Unless the screen hosts a computer inside.

No I’m not afraid. I already have two screens positioned in an angle. On the curved one I would position CafeTran’s segment editors in the middle at eye height. At the left a pdf. At the right two columns of the same glossary

eye level

My Apple Cinema display of almost 20 years of age is slowly decaying and I'm looking for a replacement.

Found this LG UltraFine 27UL650-W Ecran PC 4K 27" on Amazon. Comments are mostly positive. Does anybody know this product? and can recommend it (or not)?

Sorting by clicking on a table header, e.g. sorting on Creation date.

Moving projects to an external disk, while keeping them listed, would be great, because of very expensive SSD disks with Apple computers.

Virtually glueing projects will be a nice feature: editing the XLIFF files of different projects simultaneously, e.g. to harmonize terminology: fantastic!

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