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Before purchasing the one-time license.

Hello, I am contemplating purchasing the one-time license, like I did with Scrivener. I really like the simplicity of the software and the clean and intuitive layout.

I do have 2 concerns:

1 - "Note that when selecting this option, you are entitled to free upgrades, and full support, for a period of three years.***"

Does this mean that this is not a life license (like the one Scrivener offers), but only a 3 year license, and that after 3 years we have no more support and no more updates?
That makes the subscription, a better deal (at least for me).

2 - I cannot export or preview my current translation. I use Windows 11, and CafeTran 11.2.3. Clicking on "export or preview" does nothing.

Is this a limitation on the free version, a problem of incompatibility with Windows 11, or can this be solved?

These are my concerns, that currently stop me from making a purchase.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I was wondering about that too ...

Thank you @Igor Kmitowski and @alwayslockyourbike !

That was it. I created a new project from scratch and it worked. 

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