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Before purchasing the one-time license.

Hello, I am contemplating purchasing the one-time license, like I did with Scrivener. I really like the simplicity of the software and the clean and intuitive layout.

I do have 2 concerns:

1 - "Note that when selecting this option, you are entitled to free upgrades, and full support, for a period of three years.***"

Does this mean that this is not a life license (like the one Scrivener offers), but only a 3 year license, and that after 3 years we have no more support and no more updates?
That makes the subscription, a better deal (at least for me).

2 - I cannot export or preview my current translation. I use Windows 11, and CafeTran 11.2.3. Clicking on "export or preview" does nothing.

Is this a limitation on the free version, a problem of incompatibility with Windows 11, or can this be solved?

These are my concerns, that currently stop me from making a purchase.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Ad 2: like they say in the series The IT crowd: did you try turning it off and on? Did you run both QA checks for tags?


I have tried (before posting) :

- turning CafeTran on and off

- changing the location of the project folder

- creating a new project

Same result, clicking on Preview or Export does nothing.

I did not know the QA tool and really don't know are tags are.

Sorry, I am a total newbie.

I did find many "Inconsistent contents between tags" and "Inconsistent tags" errors.
What is this and how can I correct it?

Thanks in advance.

Inconsistent tags are the most important: you have to make sure that the tags are the same in source and target.

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Ok, an update.

I was able to correct tags (using 1 + esc; 2+ esc... etc).
And now the tags check is OK. 

The "At tags space check" is also OK (don't know if this is the secong tags check you were refering to).

In any case:

Preview still does nothing.

Export says a translated document was saved, but it's not on the project folder. And there was no pop up window, as in almost every program, giving me the option to save where I want. (where can I find this document?)

Thanks in advance.

Probably in the project folder. It likely has an extension for your target language. It_IT or es_ES etc.
Likely locations: desktop folder, documents folder. No pop up??? What was the file format? Ms Word? There should be a dialogue

Ok. Preview does not work, but I was able to export " txt file".

It's better than nothing. But the paragraphs are all messed up, they don't match the source docx.

With preview you mean the item in the project menu?
Someone should have a look at your system tomorrow

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Probably in the project folder. It likely has an extension for your target language. It_IT or es_ES etc.

No, there is no such file.

When I chose export to txt there is the standard dialogue asking for a save location.
When I chose "Export current document", this happens:

Dialogue "Set translated status for target segments"
- if I say yes: Dialogue "Segment status is set to translated and the translated file is saved" and I can't find it
- if I say no, the dialogue simply closes.

Can you post a screenshot of the export dialogue (you can blur the first part of the file name etc ?

When I click on "Export and exchange" > "Export current document" I see this:


If I click no, dialogue is closed. When I ckick yes, I see this:


And afterwards, I cannot find the file.

(I have already uninstalled, reinitiated PC and reinstalled, to no effect).

It looks like you are translating a project not created in CafeTran. Then, the export to the original (source) document format needs to be done in the same translation tool which was used to create the project.

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