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A new approach to tag insertion/handling

Although I have worked my way around tag handling, I guess that for other users a new approach to tag insertion/handling will be useful.

Let's start with segments like these, where the authoring system (Cognitas, a market leader in Germany) creates segments like these:


In the PDF:


The first observation:

  • CafeTran Espresso cannot handle strings that are glued together via tags.
Okay, I can understand that this is because of an underlying design decision and that there are good reasons for not changing this.
BTW: Did I already mention that these are Trados projects? ;)

So far, so good. CafeTran Espresso will insert MeldungenMeldungsreport as is. But, please, dear developer, could it be implemented that CafeTran Espresso than also keeps the tags 3, 4 and 5? That would be a great help!!!!

First, the way how CafeTran Espresso handles this, Second, working my way around this via a macro:


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