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How to restore the settings?

Hello Igor,

The good news: I have gained control over LO via CafeTran Espresso :).

I took the plunge and deleted and LO and installed them both again. My license is still active.

Now I have the CafeTran Espresso app on my macOS Big Sur the way you intended it to look.

I can exploit two scenarios to restore my settings:

  1. Import the CTEPreferences.xml file that I exported before deleting the app.
  2. Insert all settings manually.
What would you advise?
And if I choose to import CTEPreferences.xml and the LO connection breaks again, do I have to repeat the fresh installation?

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I restored the settings manually!

BTW: Perhaps a check if a preview document already has been opened in LO would make sense?


And perhaps (perhaps!) a setting to close the LO preview when CafeTran Espresso quits? (Can add this myself via Keyboard Maestro.)

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