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LibreOffice doesn't do anything

Content of Application Connection box:


Path of the jar file (copied via CRAX Commander)


Is the input of the Application Connection box correct?

More precise:

Is the part '/Applications/' needed and is the trailing ':' needed too?

Nothing happens, on both systems. Do you have some lines/small util to test if LO can be controlled at all, via Java?

BTW: I only have java embedded in CafeTran Espresso, not anymore on macOS level.

Do I need to install Java (I'd rather not do that):


The paths set in the Application connection look fine. You may need to launch LibreOffice in your system manually as you mentioned in the other thread.

It is actually launched by CafeTran. And the status line tells me that the connection is there. I can understand that some setting in my heavily customized working environment is in the way here. But on the test Mac with a clean CafeTran?

Ah, I've forgotten you translate external projects not created in CafeTran. In this case, you need to open the preview of the source (or target) language document via the menu Resources > Open LibreOffice for preview... . Pay attention to the "Highlight target segments" option in the Resources menu if you wish to follow target segments in the translated document (e.g during the review of your translation).

No, I was testing with native projects. LO is opened in the Dock. CafeTran Espresso kind of freezes, LO definitely does. When I kill LO, CafeTran Espresso responds again.

It may freeze when the LibreOffice preview document (located in CafeTran's project folder) is not properly closed. Try to open it and then close via LibreOffice. 

I have several times tested with rebooting the mac.

I have tested it both on Intel-based Mac mini and M1-based MacBook Air. In case of the Intel machine, it took a while (about 30 seconds) before LibreOffice preview doc opened.

Yep, it works on your side :).

I've placed my MacBook Pro besides my iMac and rebooted the MacBook Pro. Created a new project. This is going on for about 10 minutes now:


I'll reset the Prefs. Delete the PLIST, remove CafeTran Espresso, and reinstall. And try again.

Freezing again, as soon as the Link has been established. I'll remove LO completely and install the newest version.

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