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.po format support

I'm sure this must have been asked already, but does the team intend to integrate support for .po files at any point?

Background: Transifex in particular is extremely annoying because it locks downloading translations as XLIFF files behind a subscription (like $100 a month lmao you really thought!!!!) and only allowing free users to download .po files. Competitors like Trados, Swordfish, OmegaT, Wordfast etc. all support .po files but CaféTran doesn't, and I really would love to continue using CaféTran for localising strings in .po format without having to rely on third party tools. So, do devs intend to add native support into CaféTran in an upcoming release?

In the meanwhile, are there any recommended ways to convert .po to .xliff and vice versa for use in CaféTran without paying through the nose for third-party tools that I'm not gonna use? Thanks in advance!

The PO format support is under way. If all goes well, it will be added soon.

This spring, aye?
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