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How CafeTran constantly forgets resources and their arrangement

I have made a recording, just to show you what I mean:

The problem also occurs when switching between projects in the same language direction, but with different templates. Other users report the same issue in private communication.

At what moment in your video did you show CafeTran forgetting a resource or deleting it from the list of the resources in the Dashboard? 

The video only shows losing the arrangement. Forgetting glossaries happens when the Dashboard is populated. This would require another video, with my clients listed. I’ll send it to you via a private link in the next weeks, when the Dashboard has been populated again.

If you switch between project templates, CTE does not join the tabs with the joined resources in the tabbed pane automatically. Currently, you need to do it manually. The coming update should do much better restoring the layout information from the project template. 

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That's very nice! Thank you.

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