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Do you have to delete all memories and glossaries regularly from the Dashboard?

Do you have to delete all memories and glossaries regularly from the Dashboard, in order to have project related memories and glossaries that have been assigned to project templates, loaded and arranged when returning to a project?

You don't need to delete anything. Just make sure your resources are selected/ticked In the Dashboard when choosing the given project template.

I just deleted all resources so I cannot verify this, but if I remember correctly: some resources weren't even listed after switching templates.

I have 2 main glossaries, 1 qa, 1 nt, 1 term patterns, 1 regular expressions per template. For some projects I add a tagging glossary and/or a temp glossary.

When switching between templates and creating new projects with that template, glossaries aren't loaded and/or not positioned/docked correctly.

I'll do some further testing tomorrow, have to go now.

I decided to make a public video:

I really have no clue what is happening here. Project templates aren't loaded when the corresponding project is selected in the project selector.

Probably, you changed the template file location by moving it out of the templates folder.

Thanks for looking into this! Actually, I cleaned the folder that contains the project templates, except for the default resources. Then I copy these to the ones for a new client. So they are created in the same folder.


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