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Request: Allow changing the project name of Trados packages

I receive a lot of Trados packages that have a name that is perfectly clear for the client:


It would be a great help if I was allowed to change the project name in CafeTran Espresso to something like:

bmw2023-02-15 | tasks_TD_XML_Dutch_4098693580_31468_nl_NL_xliff.sdlppx

... without changing the name of the package.

With a DOCX project you can assign "icl2023-02-16 - " to the project name. With Trados projects this isn't possible.

CafeTran access non-native projects directly. Wrapping CafeTran projects around Trados projects would add another layer of complexity.

Okay, I understand.

So I'll use this procedure: add 'client2023-02-19 client's job code ¤ ' to the package. This will make this info visible in the Project Selector :).

Since the name of the exported return package will start with 'client2023-02-19 client's job code ¤ ' too, I'll have to remove it (at least, I don't think that client's will be happy if I change names of packages).

Another nice automation task for me ahead :). (Select file, delete everything in file name up to the ¤ plus space - should be simple to implement.)

Coming to think of it, project templates can be a nice and simple solution to assign lots of information to your projects including external project such as:

1. The list of resources used for the project.

2. Layout/UI information (to be improved soon).

3. Major CT options specific to the project. 

4. And the chosen name for the project template can be the way to identify your foreign projects by a simpler name.

You can create a new project template for each new project, or share/reuse the templates in multiple projects.    

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