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correct TWo initial CApitals

Is this feature hidden somewhere or is it unexistant in CT?

Hello Wolfgang, CafeTran doesn’t offer this. There are AutoHotkey macros for this and also Keyboard Maestro solutions: They have the advantage that they work OS-wide.
See also: There is a Mac version that is quite convincing. It can also learn expressions. Kind of CafeTran’s prompter but OS-wide.

Thank you for your answer. I hope Igor reads this and implements this feature in one of the next releases.

Not sure, it’s very quiet at the Polish beach. Hope that everything is well.

I was just going to say that this doesn't happen to me, then GOD punished me immediately for my hubris:


Will test the Keyboard Maestro macro later, just out of interest. My problem (duh, one of my problems): too many things do interest me ;).

> correct TWo initial CApitals

How is it possible to make such errors without trying really hard. :)

yeah, that's what I thought too, and oops, I MAde one

God's creatures are fascinating.

I just let it go through ChatGPT:

Can you COrrect this sentence?

Can you correct this sentence?

Fascinating indeed.

This one works in CafeTran Espresso:


They say that Typinator also offers a correction.

I prefer Typing Assistant to Typinator, but that's on the Windows side, only

As you can see, the macro allows for exceptions.

Thanks, ALYB, this looks very complex to me, and I don't own Keyboard Maestro. It's probably faster to learn typing correctly and to wait for Igor to implement this feature. ;-)

I can see that it is overwhelming. It was for me too. But installing macros is as easy as clicking on a file. And you can evaluate Keyboard Maestro free as long as you want. (I have bought a license since it is great software.)
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