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Add a command to enable/disable QA, and “Tags QA” at that

Greetings from Bulgaria!

I am working on an XLF file generated by XTM. Not to mention that it is full of tags. I have enabled “Action/Tags/Hide source segment tags” while drafting the translation. I have also disabled “Tags Check” from the QA menu.

However, when I confirm a segment the “Tags QA” error message keeps popping up. Since it is more convenient not to handle tags while drafting a translation, could you add a command to disable QA, and “Tags QA” at that?


Yesterday, having “Tags check” disabled, the “Tags QA” error message started to pop-up after I added a TM fragment to the ProjectTM. Restarting CTE did disable the “Tags QA” error message, but adding a fragment enabled it again.


Kind regards,


Tags > Insert at segment end

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Thank you!

I am afraid I failed to find this command neither in Action/Tags nor in Preferences. I use Windows. Maybe it's available for Mac.

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Thank you very much for this thread!

I will try "Automatic transfer of remaining tags". 

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