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Project Management

CafeTran Espresso is a great tool with simple solutions for complex tasks. But in the area of project management there certainly is room for improvement. When creating project templates and resources for new clients, I find myself clicking around too much.

So I want to create project management macro that creates a project template, a non-translatables glossary, a QA glossary, a TM for every new client. I already have the components, I'll just have to stick them together.

However, there is one thing missing: it would be nice if CafeTran Espresso would offer a way to start it with a specific project template (i.e. the one for the new client).

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I posted this in the wrong forum, but nevertheless I'll continue here (if you don't) mind.

I finally figured out how to start CafeTran Espresso with a specific project template.

As it turned out, there has to be a valid project xlf, since the PT and the xlf (project) are tied.

So, the macro should:

  • Create the necessary resource files.
  • Create the project folder.
  • Create the project subfolder.
  • Create a dummpy XLIFF file in this folder.
  • Create a new project template.
  • Change the plist file, which is quite tricky and can lead to an corrupt plist.

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