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Again on the Real-time Source Preview feature

Is the duplicate searched strings issue still considered the real-time source preview "current" limitation? In other words, is there still a chance to have it fixed?

Working especially with technical jobs, in the current status this feature it's not very useful.

Hi Igor, in the PowerPoint presentation I'm currently translating, the source view gets easily out of sync with CTE and sometimes the current grid segment gets highlighted in LO with a considerable delay (in terms of number of segments).

Also, CTE spell checking doesn't work (it's currently set to LO). This occurs apparently with PowerPoint files only, or occurs only occasionally.

Next CafeTran update will select the whole box and highlight the segment inside the box as well.

Hi Igor

When last December I asked you why the LO source preview feature doesn't highlight single sentences in multi-sentence cells of Excel files, you replied that "that's the current trade-off achieved when connecting two independent applications", that is, when a word is searched in Excel files, the program can highlight the entire cell only, not single sentences. It's so indeed. 

Today I confirmed that the same highlighting limitation applies to PowerPoint files too, that is the LO source preview feature in CTE for PowerPoint files highlights the entire box only while translating, not the single sentences contained in the box. But, when searching a single sentence directly in a LO Impress file, the program does highlight that very sentence only, not the entire box. So, why this is not happening while translating with CTE? Is it something that can be easily fixed?

Thank you for your answer. So, it's up to us to decide whether we can live with the jumping back to the first segment occurrence. Let's see.

That's already been an improvement in the latest 11.2.3 update. In this version, CafeTran also looks for the current segment's context by checking the preceding segment to limit the duplicate segment search issue. Of course, if both segments appear again in the same order, the program highlights the first occurrence of the segment. 

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