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Segmentation Excel: whole cells as default

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make segmentation of whole cells the default setting for Excel worksheets? IMO cells with sentences are less frequent than cells with content that requires no further segmentation than the segment boundaries. This change in the default setting will make that users don’t forget to tick the relevant checkbox at the “hidden” third or fourth tab. Users like me.

I have nothing against this type of implementation, provided it's optional. Actually, I deal with lots of Excel jobs which cells contain long texts requiring segmentation.

Hi Mario, good to hear that there are users who actually process cells with long text.

The segmentation is already optional, Mario, but my suggestion is to change the default behavior.

Yeah, Japanese clients like Excel more than anything else for almost all purposes. Currently I'm translating  a huge tourism-related job with cells containing more than 400 words. 

Imagine that you would have to translate it in Excel. Sheer horror.

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