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Google Translate free version

Does the free version of Google Translate work the same way as DeepL's free version in CTE?

I've added Google Translate (free web resource) in the dashboard, but by clicking on the Translate button nothing happens. The source text is copied into GT source segment, but no translation is done.

Any help, please?

Understandably, MT service providers keep changing their free web interfaces making it harder to automate access to its translation function. In case of Google Translate, you need to press an additional key (e.g Enter) in the source editor on the website to trigger the translation.

Thank you, it works!

When translating between Italian and Japanese, DeepL is better than Google Translate, but while Google Translate usually doesn't miss any part of the submitted source text (but translates it too literally and unnaturally), DeepL ignores what it doesn't know how to translate, or adds totally unrelated words. Therefore, both outputs needing to be checked very carefully, the process is rather time consuming, which prevents me from deciding to opt for their paid version.

Since you’re on Windows, you might want to evaluate GT4T: it offers a bunch of MT systems at competitive rates.

Thank you, but I'm not a big MT fan, specially from Japanese to Italian for which even the best one (DeepL) is not of great help, if not dangerous.

I could choose to pay DeepL (maybe I'll do it for my wife who uses Dejavu), but why would I want to pay for something that, besides not being very useful, CTE gives me for free?

Ease of use?
BTW: Did you ever evaluate that Japanese MT engine that is used by Japanese translator Masato Ohta who was quite active here?
Sent you a PM.

Hans: Ease of use?

Me: what's easier than pressing "Translate" and then the Up arrow?

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