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Tabbed LO preview

After using the LO preview feature for a while, I still believe that it would be nice if the preview could be displayed in a specific tab inside CTE, right as it's now possible with the HMTL preview function.

This way a lot of space could be saved on a single screen for other purposes such as reference files.


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For instance, I'm now translating a Word landscape document, but since LO opens in the residual (very narrow) space on the left of CTE, I'm forced to repeatedly scroll horizontally to see the current content. I'm working with a 32".

In my view, there is no need to keep the LO preview constantly open, and by assigning it to a full CTE tab any document can be seen more comfortably when necessary, or when proofreading the translation.

I hope it's possible to implement this type of tab, perhaps as an option.

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