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Glossary number of languages

When for new projects one selects in the dashboard the Project glossary, is this always created with the number of languages specified in Definitions > "Language column names"?

For example, to all projects I always attach my standard three-lingual glossary as a general resource, but when I want to add a specific project glossary the two project languages are enough (and, most importantly, take less space in the tabbed display).

Is there a way to achieve this easily?

In other words, is there a way to tell CTE to create the Project glossary in the project source and target languages only without affecting the number of languages used in other existing glossaries?

If you set only two languages via Dashboard menu > Preferences > Definitions tab > Language column names before creating a new project, the Project glossary will have only those languages. The existing three-language glossary will not be changed. Please make a backup copy of your existing glossary when you play with various glossary options, just in case.

Thank you for the tip. Meanwhile I've found that by selecting the vertical display for glossaries my problem is solved because it uses only two columns, and at the same time I can keep using my beloved three-language composition.

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