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TM not updated

Auto-save memory (segments): 5

One TM

I make a change to an existing segment and click the coffee cup button (go to next segment and save current segment to TM). I understand that the current segment will only be added to the TM after I have translated the next 4 segments.

However, I select Memory > Import > Import segments from project and my understand was that this would add all segments of the current segment that have text at their target side to the TM.

When I check this, this seems not to be true.

I have to save all memories (or save this memory) first.

Is my observation correct?

>I make a change to an existing segment = I make a change to a segment that already has a translation that is present in the TM, this translation is present in the target segment.

Way I understand it, memory is updated when you commit a segment to memory, but its state saved on file only when you save it or at the auto-save rate. The Import segment from project is also affected by the TM option "Keep all duplicates" "Keep newer duplicates" (Default), "Keep old duplicates". The default should work. Keep old duplicates should not. If what you describe is true... It shouldn't be happening.
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