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Can CafeTran Espresso auto-propagate this?

(This is a Trados project.)


If CafeTran Espresso can auto-propagate this, what are the settings that can prevent propagation?

Well, I don't think it is an issue. Segments should be auto-propagated only if they are identical to make sure their translation is the same. Their status to auto-propagate based on regular expressions would make them similar but not identical. Thus auto-propagated translation from one segment might be incorrect for the other segments which are not the same.

There must be a big misunderstanding in our communication.

Let us conclude that I wasn't clear enough in describing the issue I'm experiencing.

Please allow me to give it another try, hopefully with a better result.

When I have ranges like this that only differ in numbers, I only have to translate the first one. CafeTran Espresso will adapt all numbers for my (thank you for that!):


However, when a glossary is loaded that contains a specific non-translatable that is a regular expression, the automatic adaption of numbers doesn't work anymore.

How come?

Here is a demo:


This works fine, "as advertised", but it doesn't work if there is a glossary that contains a specific non-translatable that is a regular expression.

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