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Can CafeTran Espresso auto-propagate this?

(This is a Trados project.)


If CafeTran Espresso can auto-propagate this, what are the settings that can prevent propagation?

I opened 2 projects with these segments on the test computer. One newly created Excel project and the original Trados project. These segments are perfectly propagated:


So it must be a setting on the iMac. But which one ????

Next test: same 2 projects on the working computer: propagation works fine too.

Then I loaded the project template with all resources and opened a copy of the fresh Trados project. Propagation didn't work in segments # 631 to 637.

What can this be?



(451 KB)

My gut feeling is that it has something to do with the CM's.

Another example. No propagation here:



Further investigation shows that the culprit is in one of the regular expressions glossaries :(.

When I load the project with all resources 
except the glossaries with regular expressions, the auto-propagation works.

Not sure whether an entry in a glossary with regular expressions is preventing auto-propagation, or that CafeTran Espresso has issues with auto-propagating in combination with a glossary with regex ...

Okay, I think that I've found the culprit:

Glossary settings:


I add one single entry to this glossary:


The glossary entry is matched, see the aqua background:


However, auto-propagating isn't working.

Igor, Do you want me to make a ticket for this?

To be clear: when the ntf glossary is empty, auto-propagation works fine.

I do like your big layout! Please tell me: what setting have you used to hide the glossary headers?

Mario asked: what setting have you used to hide the glossary headers?

Hans answers: by selecting the Vertical display option in the glossary pane's context menu.

As for my layout, didn't I make a movie about that?

Many thanks, Hans. The vertical display is even better and easier to the eyes.

I'm not saying that I have finally mastered CTE tabbed layout, because sometimes it drives me crazy, but I'm on my way to it.

Mario, you asked how I created the pane layout: here is a video

>Igor, Do you want me to make a ticket for this?

An answer to this question would be nice.
Started a new software project with lots of fuzzy reps. Had to unload two regex glossaries in order to make auto-propagation work: so the issue is consistent.
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