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Unable to use LO tracking on Windows

As with the previous build, on two of my Windows 10 PCs LO opens normally but it doesn't track segments. Am I perhaps missing some particular settings in LO?

Hi Mario,

Make sure the following:

1. LibreOffice is the latest version (currently 7.4).

2. As you launch CafeTran, you should see the "Connected to LibreOffice" message in the Dashboards's status bar.

3. Check if the "Highlight target segments" option in the Resources menu is unchecked if wish to mark the currently-translated source segments in LO.

Hi Igor,

I never paid enough attention to "Highlight target segments" being for target segments, not source segments. Now it works, thanks.


Great! Please use the "Highlight target segments" option only when you review the exported target language document.

Hi Igor

After using the LO source preview function for some days I would say that it's been a great idea to use LO for this purpose. Nice implementation indeed.

Right now I'm translating a technical file with the usual many repetitions, and sentence highlighting keeps going back to the first match not allowing me to see the current context, which defeats the intent of this new function. I know that this is a current LO source preview limitation, but do you think it's technically possible to find a fix?

I am going to experiment with the automatic LO search and find a way for refinement to mitigate the issue with repetitions. 

Is LO supposed to work with PowerPoint files too? I've just installed CTE lastest build, LO is connected in the dashboard and LO launches normally, but there is no segment highlighting (Target text highlighting is not selected in Resources). 

Resetting the preferences didn't solve the problem. No problem with Word files, though.

I'm translating an Excel file in which each row contains multiple segments, but CTE's LO preview doesn't highlight these segments (the whole cell only). Is this a known limitation when working with Excel?

Yes, that's the current trade-off achieved when connecting two independent applications.

What do you mean by "two independent applications"? Isn't it the same as when working with Word files?

No, it is not the same. If you open LibreOffice spreadsheet and search for the phrase there, LO selects the cell containing the phrase (not the phrase itself).

When I am not interested in the LO source preview, the only way is selecting "Highlight target segments"?

On the first page of the Preferences, deselect LO.

This one:


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