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Converting an Excel termbase with synonyms

I need to convert my 3-language CTE termbase to two simple, bilingual and tabbed Excel files.

But, many terms include semicolon-separated synonyms. Does Excel offer a way to automatically split the rows containing synonyms into separate rows for each item?

It seems to be working (not checked carefully, though). But, you end up with lots of identical cells, which requires a many hours of manual cleaning. 

From the test I did before posting, it should work.

The logic is to put all synonyms in all languages in a separate row instead of the ; separation. Right?

By applying the Split action to each language column, all glossary entries (synonyms) should get their separate row.

This will expand the number of rows to account for all synonyms in all languages, but I am not sure how it would produce completely duplicate rows.

if needed, you can still use Row > Remove duplicates.

I've done "Row > Split" first and then "Row > Remove duplicate", and now I have a new three-language glossary with one entry for each synonym. As a consequence, the glossary size has almost doubled and the list of hits in the glossary pane is veeeery long because of the many synonyms I've added in each language.

At this point, I'm note sure that this conversion work (putting all synonyms in their own row) has produced a practically useful result though, because now I'm seeing too many identical source terms and it's more complicated visually.

So my question: is adding semicolon-separated synonyms for each source entry actually more practical then using one row for each synonym?

For me, this exercise started because I wanted to get two 2-language glossaries out of one 3-language glossary to be used in my other CAT tool, which accepts only bilingual glossaries.

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