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Hide strings with source text = target text

Hi all,

I am translating quite a big Excel file featuring a ton of codes placed inside single segments. I have literally hundreds of segments which got auto-propagated because they are identical, and in between there are the "real" strings to translate.

Once I am done with the translation process, and I want to perform an additional check on the translation, is there a way to hide from view the segments where the target text is identical to the source text? E.g.


This way I could speed the review process up.



Hi Elisa,

I have an idea, based on the fact that QA steps effectively act as additional filter actions (Filter menu):

1. QA menu > Target the same as source check.

2. Task menu > Lock segments. This will apply only to the filtered segments. (optionally, you can also apply Task > Set checked (or approved) status for target segments.)

3. Remove the filter (click on the funnel button to deactivate the Filter or Filter menu > untick the Segments filter).

Check that Action menu > Skip > Locked segments is ticked.

Now, segments where source=target are locked, and will be skipped from editing. If you have also marked them as checked or approved, it will also make it  easier to differentiate visually.

Note: Another way of skipping is to use the Action menu items that say "…and go to next untranslated/unchecked segment". Untranslated is helpful for jumping to the next segment where target text is empty, and unchecked for jumping to the next translated but not checked or empty segment. You can make segments Checked to differentiate them from Translated segments that need further review (if you work in multiple passes).



If Action > Skip > Checked segments is ticked, you can also just use Task > Set checked status for target segments instead of locking them.

Thank you Jean, I will try this method as soon as I finish the translation :)

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Dear Jean, I followed the steps you suggested - brilliant!

Now I can easily skip the locked segments and move faster to the strings to check again.

Thanks a lot!

Glad to hear it!

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