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can't get new LibreOffice previewer to work (yet)

Hi Igor,

Very good news about the LibreOffice previewer, and I am really looking forward to testing it!

However, when I click:

Resources > Open LibreOffice for preview

a dialogue pops up saying:

"Install and choose LibreOffice in Preferences > Application connection."

However, I already installed it, and choose LibreOffice in Preferences > Application connection.

my class path =

C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\classes\libreoffice.jar;C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program;

What am I doing wrong here?


Pdf: can broken sentences be joined? See image posted

OK, as per Hans' suggestion, it seems that LibreOffice has to be launched and Writer has to be launched with an empty document. Then it works! It works quite nicely!

So a feature request (of course): would it be possible to make CT do the work of finding the src file, rather than having to navigate to it each time. I work with lots of multi-file projects, often with like 35 separate .docx files, and it would of course be cool if CT could handle the document-finding behind the scenes, and just show me the result.




And also: add a checkbox in the project configuration to activate the preview: I don’t need it always

So, the document preview cannot be displayed in a CTE tab? Should we have to keep LibreOffice open too? 

yes and yes, mario

for mac users, launch writer via: /Applications/ --writer in the terminal or a Keyboard Maestro macro

And, Mario, it doesn’t work in Glued documents view yet.

I'm not on Mac.

Not very ergonomic, I would say. I had been waiting this feature for a long time, and now I feel disappointed.

I know that you aren’t using Mac. But don’t you use a secondary screen?

But don’t you use a secondary screen?

No, I'm using one single 32" monitor and CTE occupies the whole of it for two reasons:

1) I like to rely on the CTE tabbed feature, and switch through tabs according to the current translation phase. (In the previous build, preview was on tab and I liked that.)

2) Due to my poor eyesight, I have to use larger fonts and therefore windows should be correspondingly large.

Then, using a secondary screen has become a new CTE requirement in order to use it ergonomically?

Once in a while it would be nice if CTE followed mainstream CAT tools.

Mario, i do understand what you say and you have my sympathy for your eyesight problem. So let us try to create a view that meets your needs as far as possible. It won’t be a preview in a tab but perhaps we can come close.
For what it is worth, here is my view: I won’t install Eclair as long there is no option to not use the preview. And I hope that a solution for projects with 35 smaller documents has to be added. A feature with a lower priority (and one that I perhaps can add myself) is the syncing of the Hunspell user and project dictionaries of CTE and LO.
Macros for LO writer will be discussed here:

Even though I've confirmed that CTE is set according to Igor's instructions, It doesn't work here.

First I tried with an xlsx file, but upon launching it from within CTE I got a safety notice about "external link update disabled", and when I allowed link updating a popup message said that it was impossible to upload a certain external file I didn't know where it came from. The xlsx file displayed correctly, but the preview tracking didn't work at all, nor the document itself got updated while translating. In other words, it's like opening LibreOffice as a completely independent process.

The same (apart from the external link update issue) with the docx file I tried, that is, no real-time tracking.

Unfortunately, neither the "Open html page for preview" function is working correctly (erratic real-time tracking of source segments).

CafeTran can use LibreOffice for the real-time preview of the source document as well as the exported target language document

This means that target preview is not in real time, right?

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