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mouse hover color with windows 11

Hi, I updated my notebook to win 11. Now, whenever I mouse-hover on an element in the blue bar, the highlighting of that element is very bright. This makes the text unreadable. Please see screenshot.

On my other machine that runs win 10, the same highlighting is an only slightly different shade of blue, with no readability issues.

The same issue exists on the Dashboard with the clickable buttons, such as "Open", "New", "Import tmx" etc.

Could you please take a look at this? Thank you in advance!

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The Dashboard's bars color for Windows Look and Feel are fixed in the latest 11.2 CTE update. The colors of the searchbar can be changed via the menu View > Colors > Searchbar color to adjust it to this look. The issue does not appear if you select Nimbus or Metal look and feel in Preferences > Appearance tab.

Thanks, but adjusting the Seachbar color does not change the color of the highlighting that is shown on mouse hover. It is still way too bright, like in my new screenshot. It makes the button/bar caption unreadable when placing the mouse cursor on it. Wouldn't it be possible to make the color of the highlighting less bright? Or change it to a different color altogether, having a better contrast to the white/greyish caption? Or maybe let the user choose the color of the button/bar captions, just like one can change the icon color? Thank you for considering this.

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If you set that bar color brighter, CT will change the text color in the bar to dark automatically. The bight highlight in Windows look and feel is taken (by Java) from the default colors in Windows system. As I said above, changing the look and feel (to Metal or Nimbus) fixes the issue. 

Ok, thanks, it makes more sense to me now. Choosing a brighter bar color is not a good option for me though as the bright bars do not fit in with the overall dark appearance. I think I will go with the Metal look for now.

It would be good if one could set that text color manually, as an option, if one doesn't want CT to set it automatically. After all there are so many customization options, which is one thing I like about CT :)

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