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An even easier way to select segments in the Grid

That would be nice: click on the segment number of segment #23, press a modifier key, click on the segment number of segment #31

Background: I often have Trados projects where ranges of apparently identical segments aren’t propagated.

Type the range in the Search field (e.g 20-50) and press Enter or click PR source button above the field). The Enter key for ranges works if you have "Project source segments" selected as the default scope in the Find panel.

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I know. But just clicking would even be easier, wouldn’t it?

Would it be possible to enable multiple ranges for selection? 33-39,42-45 etc.

Since I use this feature mostly to populate a range of segments with their sources, it would be nice to do this directly via the Quick Search box. E.g, by adding a #: 34-56#.

Or perhaps the equal sign (for: right=left), if this doesn't interfere with your code.

While we're at it (at least: I am): would it be possible to add some modification actions to perform on the selected segments? 


First one that comes to mind (at least to mine) is: toggle case.

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