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Automatic (background!) conversion of source files into HTML for previewing?

Hi Igor,

I think that it would be super useful if you could implement automatic background conversion of any individual files making up a project into HTML for previewing.

A decent previewer is often one of the things that stops me using CT on certain large, multi-file jobs.

In Trados Studio, memoQ, Wordfast, etc., all the project source files are simply converted into whatever format the program uses for its previews (in memoQ, e.g., this is HTML), in the background. It is not really possible to quickly create 25 individual HTML files for previewing, each time I start a large multi-file project.

Is this something that is on your roadmap? I really hope so, as it would greatly improve the usability of CT!


I think this has been discussed here previously. Most cat tools only support preview for Ms Office. Only Transit creates previews for PageMaker, InDesign, FrameMaker etc. But not for Interleaf. MemoQ: Preview works for these document formats: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, XML (through XSLT style sheets, too), multilingual Excel, text, and XML, and - through Language Terminal - InDesign. Are you aware of the preview available via Word online? And: creative 46 html files is not a problem with a macro. Same for pdf previews, which I find more accurate. I have macros that merge 46 docx to 1 ref.pdf that automatically opens with the project and syncs. But that’s on Mac.

Yeah, I have been asking for this for ages now.

I, too, can think of workarounds, where I use clever tricks (macros, little programs, etc.) to quickly convert all my source files into a format CT can use for previewing. However, this is all well and good for us who enjoy messing around on computers, but I think the average user would greatly apreciate just having a previewer that works with zero user input. I would!

... but I think the average user would greatly appreciate just having a previewer that works with zero user input. I would!

I'm one of those average users. For me, real-time preview with zero user's input as can be found in almost all the other CAT tools would be one reason to stop complaining for other CTE lackings, file analysis and a rationally functioning project management being two of them. A couple of years ago, Igor said that "sometime in the future there will be the preview function in CTE". Let's hope he doesn't forget.


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For the record: Michael is asking for a source file preview while Mario would welcome a target file preview.

For the record: Michael is asking for a source file preview while Mario would welcome a target file preview.

True, and you, what would you prefer?

More specifically, I would welcome very much a preview that shows both as translation progresses, and continuously gets updated until it becomes wholly target text. 

I don’t need either. Very happy with my pdf source preview. I have enough imagination to imagine the target. Clients that send obscure file formats (Schema ST4 etc), often also send pdfs. That I can happily use. I look at them to see whether a segment is a table cell, an item in a list etc. to determine the use of uppercase or lowercase for the first letter and for other purposes. But hey, I only translate very well structured manuals. Nearly no advertisements or PowerPoints. File formats for which a preview comes in handy. Could come in handy. However, I thing no preview is as accurate as the final and exported file…
I think therefore I’m no thing.


Hello ladies & gentlemen,

Although I used the term "source" preview, I just mean one that shows source text, and then target text, depending on whether the segment has been translated or not.

I made a quick video to show the way Trados Studio 2022 handles things:

If you ask me, the one is Trados Studio is one of the best CAT tool previewers currently available. The one in Wordfast Pro is actually pretty good too, but then you have to use Wordfast Pro, which is pretty shit.



Has the live preview via Ms Office Live (online) been removed? Can't find it anymore ...

No, it is still there. But it doesn’t work anymore. That’s when you depend on third-party elements…
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