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Can I filter on fuzzy matches in Trados projects?

Can I filter on fuzzy matches in Trados projects?

I have clients that keep sending me projects with the fuzzy matching segments populated :(
For now, I’ll add this to my signature: Attention at project preparation: Only insert exact matches and lock them. Please do not insert any fuzzy matches in the project.

Please see the menu Filter > Origin > Fuzzy matches.

Thanks Igor. That worked. I had looked for this filter option in the Status submenu :(.

All is fine now! I'll just delete these FMs before I start translating a Trados project, since Ctrl+Enter skips these fuzzy segments.

I don’t like it when segments in Trados projects are populated with fuzzy matches. I prefer these segments to be empty and see the fuzzy match in the memory pane, where the differences are marked. More important: segments populated with fuzzy matches hinder the feature to navigate to the next untranslated segment (CT considers them to be translated!): Ctrl+Enter. So here is what I do: - Filter on segments with fuzzy matches: menu Filter > Origin > Fuzzy matches. - Via the Task menu I delete all filtered segments. Now I can start with a “clean” project. :)
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