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Found a bug in non-translatable regexes

When I enter this:


and reload, and start moving between segments, the segments editor (source, target), and the entire matchboard will go blank. No text in them whatsoever. The segments grid will stay visible.

All went back to normal when I deleted the regex.

Odd, isn't it? :-)

What’s the purpose of this regex?
Anyway, one should be extremely careful with regexes, since they can make CT go bananas.

Purpose of the regex: Grab all text from the start that is not a # until you encounter a #

Regex may do nothing or do too much if you get it wrong, but it should not switch off parts of the interface :-)

Well, while the # character is a showstopper in a CT regex, I found that replacing it with the unicode codepoint of \u0023 has the desired effect.

So if you want to “Grab all text from the start that is not a # until you encounter a #”



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Yep. Igor hasn't defined all common special characters (yet). 

Yesterday I found that I had to use the Unicode value for the capital omega sign:




Fortunately there is this WIki page with all Unicode code points:


Or use Edit>Show Unicode.

«alwayslockyourbike», may you live long and prosper, because you're a living CT user manual.


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