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Create Memory from segments with hidden non-translatables

With hidden non-translatables I can have segments with error / warning numbers displayed in the translation editors without the error / warning numbers:


Is there any way to create a Memory from the segments as displayed in the translation editors, so with the error numbers excluded?

BTW: It would be nice if propagation would work in segments like these (with automatic adaption of the in-segment letter number combos)

Iirc, it is important to note that these are Trados projects. Propagation would be great. In theory I would only have to translate 1 segment. The rest should have been propagated.
The ideal solution would be: with hidden non-translatables active: clean segments are written to memory. And: with hidden non-translatables inactive: full segments are written to memory. This way you can easily save both versions to memory.
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