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How can I deactivate automatic tag renumbering?


When the order of tags in the target segment is different, it seems that CT automatically renumbers them from 1.

Example (1 to 4 are tag numbers):

Source: 1[word A]2, 3[word B]4

Target (as typed in manually): 3[word B]4, 1[word A]2

Target (after automatic renumbering): 1[word B]2, 3[word A]4

Because of word order differences, I need to keep the typed-in sequence of the tags.

Is there any way I can deactivate this automatic tag renumbering?

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CafeTran's numbered tags represent (and simplify) complex tagging inside the original documents (e.g Word or Excel). Their order needs to be maintained for the successful export. If you need to change the format's order (e.g bold), you can use the custom formatting tags available via the right-click. 

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