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License install/uninstall


I would like to buy a Cafetran license on How do I install a cafetran license? I have read that this license is bindet to the PC configuration? So, do I have to contact everytime the administration of cafetran, when I change some PC components? Or is it possible to chage the license by myself?

And the second question: On how many workstation I can install one Cafetran license? On a PC and on a Notebook on the same time? Is it possible?

Yes, you have to contact CafeTran Support when you change certain PC components, if you have imported a license file (you could also decide to take a Plus subscription, which includes a floating license).

You can install one license on 2 computers, and use these simultaneously.

Thanks for the answer! So there is no user account on cafetran website, where I can manually by myself mange (install and uninstall) the license files?! Well, thats inconvinient.

No, there's no user account to re-install, with changed hardware. 

Thank you!

Just out of interest: Are you working on Windows? Perhaps a virtualised Windows can be used as a temporary solution, until the developer has sent you a new license key? 

Just an idea ...

Well, it´s an option! Thank you for the idea! But it ist not really a solution. It would be better, when the user could install and uninstall the license and change the hardware without contacting the administration.

Yes, license management is rather primitive in CTE. I don't know if the developer is constantly carrying with him a portable device to respond immediately to license change requests, but he needs to sleep too, or he might be busy bird-watching without Internet connection. So, if we are on a hurry there is nothing we can do ourselves.

Well, and that`s the point why I will not purchase this software. I have tried out the demoversion of Cafetran, and I like this software, it`s easy to use and the interface is very userfriedly. But, the license management is inconvinient. I hope, that the developer would change this one day.

CTE is full of ingeniousness and has brought some fresh air to the CAT tool world. But, besides the license management, which is no little a matter as it can potentially disrupt our work, there are other areas that—in my opinion—the developer should look into.

Yes ... for example the integration of deepL´s glossary. That would be also good.

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