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Multiple docs project - add doc does not work

 CT Espresso 11.1.1

Java 12

Windows 10 v10

Hello Igor,

Thank you for your wonderful tool.

I used the multiple documents project option successfully several times.

However, some weeks ago, it stopped working.

When I try to add a document to an existing project (as I did before), it doesn't appear.

I add screenshots. Let me know the information you need to understand the problem.

Thank you so much in advance!


(13.2 KB)

Hello Igor,

Thank you so much!

After summer holidays and so on I just recently had a chance to work with ct again, and it works fine as you said. (Although the issue appeared before updating, it was actually the reason to finally look for updates...).

Hello Clarissa,

If you updated from an earlier version of CafeTran, resetting the preferences (via Edit > Preferences > the Reset button) might solve this issue.

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