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Tag placement reckognition problem

With "Hide segment boundary tags" deactivated (I need this setting with this file), the following tag placement in the target segment is not accepted and I cannot move forward:


This is the only way to be able to advance to the next segment, that is placing tags 3, 4, 5 and 6 to the end:


Tags 3, 4, 5 and 6 are not formatting tags (probably they just mark the passage to and from double byte characters), but I wonder if this behavior might create problems in more "normal" situations..

When transferring tags from source to target, their order in the source segment needs to be maintained in the target segment. If this is problematic for a given segment, try adjusting it with the custom formatting (e.g bold, italics, underline) available via the right-click.

In this particular case, the tags in question are not formatting tags. But, in other cases tags represent icons which position cannot be changed with respect to the text, and this is difficult since translating from Japanese often requires to change words order. This handling of tags might be very problematic with certain projects.

In addition, these files are sdlxliff files, so custom formatting cannot be done with CTE, right?

In this case, you might unhide tag details via the menu Action > Tags > Hide tags details. Then, pair the tags (probably g) accordingly, being careful to close them properly. There is on caveat though. When you return to such a segment, CafeTran will still 'think' the source tags order is the correct one, so you will need to repeat the transfer of the affected tags. 

(probably g)

What is "g"?

In the target segment of the first picture above tag details are unhidden. Are they not paired correctly? Or, maybe I didn't understand what you meant.


> What is "g"?

It is the name of the tag that you can see after selecting the option in the menu Action > Tags > (Un)Hide tags details 

I'm not sure that I understood correctly. Please see this screenshot:


Above is the source segment with unhidden tag details. Below is the target segment where I tried to put the tags in their logical order based on the different position between Japanese and Italian. But, after tags 1, 2 an 3 (marked 1, 2 and 3 respectively), in steps 4 and 5 I cannot insert tags 4 and 5. (CTE put tags 2 and 3 instead.)

Furthermore, even when I let CTE place these tags as it wished, they are flagged as errors in the ta QA.

Did I understand correctly your directions?


In your last screenshot, you are using the same g (id="1316")  tag twice. That is why CT does not accept it. Please try removing those tags and reinsert them manually with the numbers from your screenshot.  

To place the tags I was using Alt-9, which caused the repetition of the second "1316" tag in lieu of the "1322" tag (where it should have been in my intention).

 I did another attempt by placing the tags normally (Number + Esc):


CTE seems to have accepted the new intended tag placement, but upon another QA instance CTE detected an error and the source segment was this:


That is, CTE ignored how I changed the tag position in the first screenshot and QA keeps flagging the same error. So, it seems to me that it's not possible in the current state to change manually the tags order, at least when using sdlxliff files.

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